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FloriMulch® – FloriMulch­­® is the finest quality mulch, prefabricated of 100% melaleuca, it’s the environmentally prudent alternative to cypress mulch. Florimulch® production follows a demanding program for the extraction and processing of the melaleuca tree and records a number of certificates from the Florida Dept. of Agriculture. FloriMulch® has been tried and tested at the University of Florida and was shown to be significantly termite resistant.

About Melaleuca

Melaleuca is an exotic tree that was imported to in the 1920’s as part of a plan to dry up the Everglades. Due to its quick spread, it destroyed the native vegetation. The cypress trees that are such a large part of the native wetland areas are invaluable to the ecosystem for many reasons. They help clean water by filtering out certain nutrients, for example, and they provide a nesting grounds for a variety of animals like owls, wood storks, bobcats and woodpeckers. Cypress Trees grow very slowly, so harvesting them leaves wetland ecology unprotected and far more susceptible to exhaustion. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service noted in its 2000 article titled “Wetland Status and Trends” that between the years 1986 and 1997, nearly 644,000 acres of wetlands were depleted, with an estimated loss rate of 58,500 acres per year.

FloriMulch® is the forerunner in the melaleuca mulch and levies many features due to its base component – melaleuca. It provides an applicable use of controlling weeds, decreasing the need for watering, and defending the root systems. Furthermore, recent examinations undertaken at the University of Florida suggest that termites fared better and consumed more mulch made up of pine and cypress sapwoods. However, they did not survive a stringent melaleuca diet.

FloriMulch® proudly features an endorsement from The Friends of the Florida Everglades, the leaders in the fight to preserve the National Park’s natural environment. Furthermore, FloriMulch® fully follows the standards established by the Mulch & Soil Council, ensuring that its product description is truthful, accurate and that all claims have been verified.

Suggested Specifications for Professionals

  1. All mulch to be used in planting areas shall be FLORIMULCH as manufactured by Forestry Resources, Inc.
  2. Prior to its delivery, mulch shall have been inspected and certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, as free 0 of Burrowing Nematodes, All proofs of delivery shall bear official State of Florida stamp of inspection and certification.’
  3. Mulch shall be made entirely from the wood and bark of the Melaleuca quinquenervia tree, It shall not contain more than 10% (by volume) bark. Shreds and chips shall not be larger than 3/4″ diameter and 1 1,12 in length. Mulch shall be free of weed seeds, soil and any other organic or inorganic material
  4. Mulch shall be applied to a minimum depth of 3″ in planting beds and around trees, Mulch shall taper down to soil level at the base of trees and shrubs.
  5. During processing, raw materials shall be stacked and stored in curing piles for a period of no less than 120 days.
  6. 90 Cubic Yard Truck Load Bulk or 1260- 2 Cu Ft Bags Truck Load Minimum Order.


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